District 8 Issues

My Priorities:

  • My number one priority is our Southwest Austin families and seniors.

  • Bringing Our Fair Share of City Resources to District 8

  • Advocating for Creative Infrastructure Solutions

  • Ensuring Our Community’s Public Safety Needs are Met

  • Reducing Taxes by Fixing the State’s Broken Recapture System

  • Protecting What Makes Southwest Austin Special


If Elected, I pledge to...

  • Bring common sense nonpartisan solutions to Austin City Hall

  • Increase opportunities for our kids and families

  • Work to bring parks and recreation summer camps to our neighborhood schools

  • Improve the safety of our neighborhood streets

  • Support our small businesses

  • Protect our water, air and trees

  • Preserve our community’s history and beauty while being flexible and open to new infrastructure ideas

  • Bring together the skills and talent of our community to take the lead on solving district and city issues

  • Appoint board members and commissioners that live in District 8 and that have the expertise needed for their commission

I will continue to:

  • Fight for REAL tax relief

  • Address transportation needs of our community

  • Improve and protect our parks, open space and schools

  • Advocate for local control