October 2017

"Speaking of West Aus­tin, the closest pool to Dick Nichols Park is Gar­ri­son, and that's 4.9 miles away. Yet in other areas there's multiple pools less than a mile away, or definitely multiple pools 5 miles away. So it's really creating that equity lens."

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January 2018

Board Member Richard DePalma noted that there are no guarantees that the bond will be approved. He suggested that even if it did, perhaps the Nash Hernandez Building was not the ideal location to maximize efficiency for the joint-use facility.

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december 2017


June 2017

“I am just so incredibly grateful to the community support on behalf of our 81,000-plus students,” [Rich DePalma] said. “This bond not only prevents successful schools from having to close due to their condition, but it also increases academic opportunities in the district. I’m just really proud.”

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May 2017

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